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Our Team

We've assembled a diverse team with extensive backgrounds in everything from gaming to finance and compliance, and we all bring something extra to the table.

David Metz


Richard Blankenship


Karishma Kadian

General Counsel

Matt Denham


Brendan Grove


Holly Glowaty

Head of Merchants

Julien Loutre

Principal Software Architect

Sagar Patel

Senior Software Engineer

Kevin Chen

Software Engineer

John Rigas

Software Engineer

Erin Song

Lead Product Designer

Travis Lydon

Head of Product

Eliza Moore

Head of Staff

KC Pietro

Head of Content

Dave Burton


Steve Kakaty

Business Development

Max Calcaterra

Business Development

Ryan Mattimore

Merchant Success

Nicolette Bonaquist

Partner Success

Keith Welch

Customer Success

Some of the cool people we work with.