Monetize Your Withdrawals

Give your users the gift of choice — the choice to get more for their money, and immediate value delivery while monetizing the withdrawal process on your platform.

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Developers First

We've simplified payments integration, eliminating complexity to get you up and running in mere days.

For developers, by developers.

With just a few lines of code, you can implement Prizeout in an afternoon.
    env: "prod", // or `sandbox`
    user: {
        email:          "user's email",
        user_id:        "user ID",
        session_id:     "your user session id",
        balance:        "current balance"
    publisher: {
        name:   "partner name",
        id:     "4d327399-da52-4afe-93ab-3c0a4958aa40", // provided in portal
        apikey: "9475d01c532b2503855f9187dba7a798" // provided in portal
    callbacks: {
        onInit: function(payload) {
            console.log("Widget Started", payload);
        onClose:    function(payload) {
            console.log("Widget Closed", payload);

How Prizeout Works

A revolutionary new platform in a simple package.

Brands You Love

You browse our curated list of offers from brands you already know, and new ones we've selected with you in mind!

Exclusive Offers

We partner directly with brands looking for ways to get their products in front of customers, which means you get special deals exclusive to Prizeout.

Our Partner Companies

We help our partners offset the costs of traditional cash out methods by giving them a percentage of transactions that take place in the Prizeout ecosystem.

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